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About Pegi Ballister-Howells

Pegi Ballister-Howells is retail manager of Village Nurseries, the oldest Nursery in New Jersey. She is the author of two gardening books and hosts a call-in radio program and her own 30-minute cable show, At Home With Pegi. Pegi, her family and assorted pets live on a 10-acre farm, Blooming Acres, where they do extensive ornamental and vegetable gardening. You can eMail her at

10 Tips For Garden Centers On A Tight Budget

The Village Nurseries is a small nursery with an enormous history. The oldest nursery in the state of New Jersey, it has been in existence since 1853. The nursery has undergone many changes during this time. It now rests on 7 acres surrounded by new neighbors in large houses. As a result, the nursery has

Help Homeowners Plant Fruit Trees

The idea of picking fruit from trees in your own back yard is appealing to many homeowners. To help the new orchardist have a successful experience, you can help the homeowner get off to a good start. Stocking only dwarf and semi-dwarf trees helps. Commercial fruit production encourages the use of a central leader for