Pricing Shapes How Consumers View A Store

Pricing Shapes How Consumers View A Store

The way a retailer prices its products impacts how customers perceive the value of the overall store, says Ryan Hamilton, a professor at Emory University’s MBA program. “I’ve done some interesting research on both how consumers form those opinions and also, once formed, how they influence the choices consumers make,” Hamilton says.

Hamilton will help garden center buyers better understand product management, branding and pricing strategies at The Essential Buyer’s Workshop at AmericasMart in January. Hamilton will be a keynote speaker.

Ryan Hamilton’s research investigates consumer behavior, especially consumer judgment and decision making. His work has investigated the role of the visual structure of information in decision making and some of the factors that influence consumers’ choice among assortments. His recent research investigates price image: how consumers decide whether a retailer or brand is, in general, high priced or low priced, and how these price images influence consumers’ choices.

Hamilton teaches courses in Marketing Management (MBA) and Consumer Behavior (PhD) at Emory’s Goizueta Business Scool, which he joined in 2008. He was awarded the MBA Teaching Excellence Award for Junior Faculty in 2009-2010 and 2010-2011. In 2011, Professor Hamilton was named one of the World’s 40 Best B-School Profs Under The Age of 40. 

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