Inventory Management

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Inventory Management

Heading in to Corso’s, I was expecting very little by way of holiday theme, since I knew the management there had decided to cut back on Christmas inventory this year. I was pleasantly surprised to see much more holiday product there than I had anticipated. In talking with John Corso, vice-president of retail sales, he said he’s already done some re-ordering, so they may have cut back a little too much.

But the strategy was to incorporate holiday into the gift department, along with gardening-related items positioned as gifts that can then carry over into spring merchandise if not purchased.

The store was beautifully decorated with great red signage hanging from the ceiling that read Nature’s Joy and Nature’s Peace, with the Corso’s name below it.

My favorite aspect of the displays (aside from a super cool Ohio State-themed tree) was the decorated doors hanging from the ceiling showing off wreathes and other unique door decorations.

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