Ball Partnership Helps Garden Center E-Marketing Efforts

Ball Horticultural Company announced that it has teamed up with dataKart to supply photos and information on a wide range of gardening and plant topics to independent garden centers for their e-marketing efforts.

A customer service management product, dataKart is a subscription-based online software that integrates directly with a store’s point of sale software. With dataKart, IGCs can create and send store-branded e-newsletters from ready-made templates and also apply the content provided by Ball.

Marketing tools formerly reserved for Fortune 100 companies, “The partnership with Ball makes access to the highest quality images and garden content a reality for every garden center in the U.S.,” dataKart president Dave Coursen says.

Bill Calkins, IGC Business Manager for Ball, agrees. “By partnering with an innovative service like dataKart, we can help everybody win — IGCs get high quality e-newsletters, and their gardener customers get great, useful information.”

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