How Will Facebook’s Redesign Affect Your Marketing?

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Facebook is always redesigning something, sending users into a tizzy, but this time a redesign that’s being tested may affect users of Facebook ads. According to The Atlantic, this redesign may mean fewer ad spaces are available.

With the proposed design, the navigation bar and the ad space will remain fixed as users scroll down the screen. In the current site design, these elements scroll along with the rest of the page, allowing a much larger ad space. The new design will mean a fixed number of ads on each page, and fewer opportunities for advertisers

Will that mean each piece of real estate is worth more? We’ll see. It will definitely mean a limit on the number of opportunities to get your brand in front of Facebook users. Are you using Facebook ads to advertise your brand or to garner more Likes? The Facebook Like can be seen as the new equivalent to an eNewsletter subscriber, what are you doing to drive more Likes? It keeps your garden center front and center in the minds of your fans. When there are many options out there for garden retail, why should they shop you?

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