Psst – What’s The Secret Password?

Psst–What's The Secret Password?

Some garden centers are having fun with Facebook and driving traffic to their stores by posting secret passwords on their social media sites for their customers’ eyes only.

Habersham Gardens Intown Garden Center in Atlanta, Ga., conducted a month-long sale in which it posted a secret word each week on its Facebook and Twitter pages. The words ranged from Edgeworthia chrysantha to Shishi Gashira, and the garden center posted the passwords several times throughout the week to make sure customers saw it.

Those who came in and said the secret password got 50 percent off a single item in the garden center. It was a fun way to drive traffic during some unusually cold snowy weeks in Atlanta, as well as got customers talking on the Facebook page.

Habersham has nearly 1,500 fans on Facebook and continues to grow thanks to ideas like this one that gets customers involved in the page and recommending it to their friends.

Check out Habersham’s Facebook page.


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