ANLA Clinic Faces Uncertain Future

The 2011 ANLA Clinic, which was held January 25 to 28, will not be the final Clinic, ANLA’s Bob Dolibois said during the closing session.

Rumors have been swirling in the industry that the ANLA Clinic will be eliminated. While Dolibois says that will not happen, future incarnations will be very different than its current form.

The current venue, synonymous with the Clinic for many, will likely change. For past few decades, ANLA has held its keystone educational meeting at The Galt House in Louisville, Ky. The association’s contract with The Galt House ended with this year’s meeting, although it holds an option to use The Galt House next year.

The association is leery of entering another contract that requires it to guarantee a large block of rooms, since Clinic attendance was much lower this year than the more than 1,000 attendees the program has seen in recent years (at well under 500 registrants). So this past week’s Clinic is likely the final one held in Louisville. And because of key features The Galt House offered – such as a high number of small rooms ideal for breakout sessions – future Clinics will likely take a very different form from the traditional model.

“It won’t be such a departure that you won’t recognize it,” said Dolibois, ANLA’s executive vice president, at a press luncheon in Louisville. “Whatever we innovate with the Clinic will keep what makes it unique.”

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One comment on “ANLA Clinic Faces Uncertain Future

  1. Anonymous

    From what I understand, a joint venture with OFA is being discussed. Altho the ‘Clinic’ may not be exactly the same in the future, I can say as an attendee that the ANLA Clinic was marvelous….the motivational speakers were tops… connecting us with the younger generations and how to get them into your store. Strong mentions of using Social Media to get their attention, and plenty of clues as to their purchasing habits.
    I’m also a member of OFA and the two both have their strong points. Hopefully it will bring out the best in both associations.