Martha Stewart Supports Home Depot Partnership With Live Gardening Seminars

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is supporting her name-brand products in Home Depot by making live appearances and leading gardening seminars.

Even after all these years, the lifestyle personaility still has a lot of draw. One Memphis news outlet reported that die-hard fans showed up at dark Home Depot parking lots with lawn chairs to ensure they would have great seats for Stewart’s 45-minute gardening class.

Stewart’s product line in Home Depot is primarily made up of garden furniture and related products like umbrellas and outdoor rugs. She also has a line of garden tools sold at the mass merchant.

The first 100 attendees received signed copies of Stweart’s magazine, Martha Stewart Living. There were also Home Depot gift certificates given away as door prizes.

Although only 300 attended the Memphis event, it received wide media attention locally.

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