Hard Goods

Hard Goods

Rich Conditioner

Rich Earth:
Rich Earth, a mineral-rich soil conditioner, is 100 percent natural and OMRI listed. It improves seed germination and root development, stimulates existing soil bacteria, increases transmission of nutrients from soil to plants, improves water retention and works effectively for six to nine months.
For more information, contact 757-625-3886 or go to www.richearth.net.

Powerful Soil

Soil in Monrovia’s Packaged Soil Program is crafted to keep plants well-fed, hardy and thriving naturally. The soil includes optimally aged compost, beneficial organisms 
and slow-release fertilizer. It’s perfect for containers and raised beds.
For more information, contact 800-999-9321 or go to www.monrovia.com.

Magnificent Mulch

Coast of Maine:
Coast of Maine’s new Aged Cedar mulch is dark and fragrant with a deep rich brown color that is the natural result of many years of slow decomposition. Aged cedar is lighter in weight than many dark mulch products, which may have compost added to enhance their color. It is 
also completely natural with no added dyes.
For more information, contact 800-345-9315 or go to www.coastofmaine.com.

Earth-Friendly Nutrients

Scotts Miracle-Gro:
New in 2007, Scotts Miracle-Gro Organic Choice All-Purpose Organic Plant Food contains an exclusive mix of earth-friendly nutrients, such as chicken litter and feather meal, which continuously feed plants for up to two months. The supplement naturally promotes more blooms and stronger root growth. 
For more information, contact 888-295-6902 or go to www.miraclegro.com.

For Sure

E. B. Stone: 
E. B. Stone Sure Start fertilizer is a blend of natural, organic ingredients formulated to help newly transplanted plants develop strong roots and sturdy growth. The gentle and non-burning formula is safe to use with even the most tender transplants.
For more information, contact 707-426-2500 or go to www.ebstone.org.

Coming To Life

Dr. Earth:
Dr. Earth fertilizers supply PRO-BIOTIC beneficial soil microbes, which feed the fiber of a living soil. Life is micronized and then pressed into pellets for a homogenous pelleted fertilizer, which broadcasts easily by hand or spreader. It is perfect for top dressing or applications where the fertilizer cannot be worked into the soil. Life is certified organic.
For more information, contact 707-448-4676 or www.drearth.com.

Natural Lawn Care

Organica’s 4-step Natural Lawn Program is designed to reestablish beneficial microbial populations and provide the soil with the necessary components to promote healthy controlled growth and reduce plant stress. Each component is synergistic, further increasing the efficacy and overall performance of the program. 
For more information, contact 1-888-24GREEN or go to www.organica.net.

Fast Establishment

Bio-tone Starter Plus from the Espoma Company combines an all-natural plant food with beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae fungi. It is intended for use at the time of planting to ensure fast establishment and fewer replacements. It is available in 4-pound and 25-pound bags.
For more information, contact 856-825-0542 or go to www.espoma.com.

Eco-Friendly Lawn Food

Blue Seal Feeds, Inc.:
Safe ‘N Simple lawn food from Blue Seal Feeds is a natural based fertilizer containing soybean, alfalfa and fish meals – organic materials that enhance the soil, increase soil biological activity and provide needed nutrients for a thick and healthy green lawn.
For more information, contact 800-225-7917 or go to www.blueseal.com.

Organic Compost

Master Nursery:
Black Forest organic compost and clay soil conditioner is a blend of redwood and fir bark, fortified with nitrogen and iron. It includes long-lasting ingredients with a slow rate of decomposition and loosens compacted soil to improve drainage. It’s an ideal environment for soil micro-organisms.
For more information, contact 800-576-5102 or go to www.masternursery.com.

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