Decorating The Outdoors

Decorating The Outdoors

Brought To Life

The rock-and-iron caterpillar is just one design in a huge collection of rock-and-iron accents for the home and garden from Haiti. Artists collect real river rocks, shellac them and then cage them in iron to form unique and beautiful sculptures. The caterpillar is about 21 inches long and 14 inches tall.
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Cooling Off

Deco Breeze
Capri decorative outdoor fans add style and function to any outdoor living décor. Fans are 38½ inches tall and 19 inches wide, and fan heads are 18 inches. Capri fans feature an adjustable 58-inch height extension, as well.
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Fine Art

Talavera pottery is available in a variety of sizes with an assortment of useful decorative and unique designs. All products are completely handmade and meet the highest standards of quality and beauty preserving the tradition of the ancient wisdom and creativity of their respective history.
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Mosquito Repellent

Patio lanterns keep mosquitoes and other insects away. Lanterns are both a powerful insect repellent device and a stylish outdoor lantern. Lanterns provide a mosquito-free zone of about 15 feet, and they’re non-toxic, safe and non-intrusive. Ambient light for outdoor entertaining on the patio is also provided.
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Stained Glass Lighting

Meyda Tiffany
Solstice three-piece window is an original masterpiece that incorporates art nouveau styles. Reminiscent of Provence, the golden sunflower and budding vines sit atop a sky of granite aubergine-colored glass with moss green accents. The stained glass window is handcrafted with copperfoil, and 400 pieces of stained art glass are encased in a solid brass frame.
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