Garden Accents

Garden Accents

Graceful Cranes

The Brass Baron:
This pair of elegant cranes animates ponds, pools and waterscapes. Beautifully crafted with a rich, weathered bronze finish in the centuries-old lost wax method, the Supreme Cranes tower at 72 and 60 inches tall and spout water in glistening arcs.
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Artful Elegance

Campania International:
Campania’s Wood Nymph statue is inspired by the art deco style and hand made of cast stone. The hand applied copper bronze patina adds an aged look to this quiet, contemplative statue, as she gazes at the lotus flower she has found on her walk.
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Fine Finials

Good Directions, Inc.:
Finials aren’t just for rooftops anymore. The new fluer-de-lis finial becomes a distinctive focal point while complementing the landscape. Made from durable copper, it obtains a beautiful green-blue patina hue over time. Multiple sizes and styles are available.
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Artistic Vision

Henri Studio:
Henri is now offering a new realm of design – casual contemporary, unifying English garden shapes and imaginative, artistic vision. Plateau (pictured) has a gentle water motion, as the water does not detach from the fountain but instead clings to the stone surface for a peaceful, elegant flow.
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Angelic Accent

Al’s Garden Art:
The Bashful Angel from Al’s Garden Art is an elegant accent piece perfect for any garden. It measures nine inches tall and 13 inches wide and is pictured in the color Sedona. All of Al’s products are available in a variety of 29 different designer colors.
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