Pourable Gel Fuel Recalled

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a recall for pourable fuel gels that are used for patio fire pots. The Product Safety Commission has listed nine vendors of the product that are involved in the recall:

  • Bird Brain, Inc.
  • Bond Manufacturing
  • Sunjel Company
  • Fuel Barons Inc.
  • Lamplight Farms Inc.
  • Luminosities Inc.
  • Pacific Decor Ltd
  • Real Flame
  • Smart Solar Inc.

The recall follows the earlier recall from Napa Home & Garden. The recalls stem from several serious incidences where consumers were harmed or killed. “CPSC is aware of 65 incidents resulting in two deaths and 34 victims who were hospitalized with second and third degree burns of the face, chest, hands, arms or legs,” the agency release says.

The agency instructs retailers to cease sales and to remove existing product from shelves. It also mentions that some suppliers are working on modifying the caps in a way to prevent flash fire hazards.

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2 comments on “Pourable Gel Fuel Recalled

  1. Anonymous

    Another example of people not using their heads…. blatant irresponsiblity ruining things for everyone. How many people would pour gasoline on a hot fire!?!?!

  2. Anonymous

    For those who purchased a gel fuel firepot and now aren’t able to use it, there’s an easy way to convert your firepot into a (safer) tiki torch: http://www.fireflyfuel.com/blog/turn-your-gel-fuel-firepot-into-a-tiki-torch