Exclusive, Organic Pond And Lawn Care

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Exclusive, Organic Pond And Lawn Care

Many in the industry know this story well: with time, the humble beginnings of a family-owned business driven by a vision and a market niche can develop into a successful company.

Robert LaRose, with his father, started BioSafe Systems out of his house in the mid-nineties; this is his story, too. BioSafe Systems began with its flagship product ZeroTol, a broad spectrum algaecide/fungicide for the horticulture industry. Presently, the company reaches into several market segments: agriculture, animal health, horticulture, post harvest/food and beverage, aquatics, turf, commercial/industrial sanitation and most recently, retail pond and lawn care.

Natural Chemistry

This Connecticut-based company’s mission is to provide disease control with the use of reduced-risk chemistries, specifically with activated peroxygen chemistry, which meets the requirements of the National Organic Program.Also, Biosafe’s GreenClean, the company’s popular granular algaecide, “is the only OMRI listed algaecide available for home and garden,” says Angelique Levesque, Home & Garden manager for BioSafe Systems.

According to Levesque, LaRose’s father, Rene, invented the concept the BioSafe products are built on and around. Rene was a microbiologist for a commercial poultry breeder. There he discovered that by using activated peroxygen chemistries, his company could reduce its dependency on more toxic chemistries and pharmaceuticals, while at the same time reduce disease.In addition to being an effective alternative to chlorine, bromine and/or copper compounds, BioSafe products offer minimal use restrictions and in most applications, there are no discharge restrictions.

Consumer Bound

For some companies, especially those with a chemical focus, introducing one new product a year can be a tall order. This past January, BioSafe Systems introduced four new products to its retail pond and lawn care line, extending it to nine products in all.One product that’s attracting attention is the new GreenClean XTREME Liquid Bacteria. Levesque says it’s the most powerful liquid bacteria on the market right now, a solution that contains 68 strains of beneficial bacteria for water clarity and quality.

The three other recent introductions are premeasured GreenClean Tablets, GreenClean Blue Colorant and GreenClean pH UP and GreenClean pH Down.”We have constructed our line to allow for a complete pond program but have limited ourselves to the best and most important products so that independent garden centers won’t overextend themselves taking on inventory and filling up shelves with products that don’t move,” says Levesque.

For more information about BioSafe Systems and their product lines, click here.

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