Insect & Disease ID And Diagnosis Guide

Insect & Disease ID And Diagnosis Guide

Do you have customers bringing sick plants to your garden center looking for a diagnosis? Knowing the exact problem can be a challenge, not to mention being critically important for helping you help your customers. Fortunately, diagnosing plant problems is a learnable skill that gets easier with experience.

Here are some problems you might be seeing in plants. Click through for images and explanations of different pests and diseases.

Blotches   Deformities & Stunted Growth   Discoloration   Necrosis
Notches & Holes   Patches   Infestations   Rings, Spots & Dots
Rusts & Mildew   Wilt   Stem Lesions    Rot

Images and material for the Insect and Disease ID and Diagnosis Guide were supplied by Margery Daughtrey, John Sanderson, and Tom Weiler (Cornell University) and Dan Gilrein (Cornell University Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County).

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