What’s New In Pest Controls?

What's New In Pest Controls?

Agraquest’s Serenade Garden Disease Control
This product, which destroys many common fungal and bacterial disease spores on flowers, vegetables and lawns, does not harm beneficial insects or wildlife. It meets USDA’s National Organic Program standards and is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute for use in organic gardening.

Bon-Neem II
This broad spectrum fungicide, insecticide and miticide controls insects, diseases and mites on vegetables, fruit, nuts, herbs, spices, roses, flowers, shrubs, houseplants and turf grass around the home.
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BugBand Insect Repellent Products
This naturally-derived insect repellent is made with Geraniol, a plant-based ingredient, instead of DEET. New for 2012 is an indoor-outdoor diffuser that distributes the insect repellent vapors. BugBand is
also available as spray, towelettes
and wristbands.

Clear Choice
Clear Choice is a selective herbicide for lawns that kills more than 60 broadleaf weeds down to the root, using an 85 percent less active ingredient.

Companion Biological Fungicide
This easy-to-use liquid biological fungicide provides a safe, organic and chemical-free way to grow disease-free vegetables, flowers, fruits, shrubs, lawns and trees.

Hi-Yield Vegetable & Ornamental Insect Control Granule
This formula offers effective insect control for above- and below-ground insects in and around the vegetable garden. It’s also effective on flowers and ornamentals.

Liquid Fence’s Yard Net Granular Lawn & Yard Insect Repellent
Yard Net Granular controls biting insects such as mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, black flies and gnats. It contains no pyrethrins, pyrethroids and d-limonene, so it’s safe to use around kids and pets and won’t harm vegetation.

Molt-X Botanical Insecticide/Nematicide
This product controls a variety of pests including whitefly, thrips, aphids and protects against foliar and soil-borne pests. It features multiple modes of action ideal for IPM programs and leaves no residue.

Ortho Bug B Gon Rose & Flower Insect Killer Plus Miracle-Gro Plant Food Granule
Providing up to eight weeks of insect protection and Miracle-Gro feeding, the product protects against damage from Japanese beetles, aphids, thrips, whiteflies, scale and other listed insects. It can also be used in containers.

RESCUE! Stink Bug Traps
These traps work outdoors to catch adult stink bugs and the ravenous younger generations that feed on gardens and fruit-bearing shrubs and trees.

PureSpray GREEN
Fight insects and disease with PureSpray GREEN, an organic listed all-in-one horticultural spray oil for use on flowers, fruits, vegetables, shrubs and trees, both indoors and out. This pest control is part of the Clear Choice product line.

Sweeney’s Small Animal Repellent Granular
This organic, non-toxic repellent protects ornamental plants, flowers and shrubs from rabbits, squirrels, dogs, cats, raccoons and skunks. The formula’s active ingredients include butyl mercaptin, which emits a sulfurous odor, acting on the sense of fear and triggering the flight response.

Whitney Farms Outdoor Insect Killer Ready-To-Use
For the control of diseases, insects and mites including black spot, rust, powdery mildew and spider mites, this ready-to-use product can be applied up to one day before harvest.

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