Steve Bailey Opens Season-To-Buy Software To The Full Industry

This graph shows a typical inventory-on-hand (red area) to actual sales (blue area) ratio.

$eason2Buy, a new online buying tool, addresses a common challenge for garden center managers: having enough products at the right time, yet having only a little inventory remaining at the end of a season.

Missing this goal results in reduced sales and potential profits sitting in inventory as shrink and carry-over. Reaching this goal can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars being added to the bottom line, and is often the difference between being profitable and not.

$eason2Buy, developed by former retailer and well-known industry financial consultant Steve Bailey, was developed through years of working with garden centers across the country on their financial planning and management systems.
$eason2Buy uses easily obtainable historical data to develop inventory-reducing budgets that reduce wasted profits caused by managing excess inventory and unnecessary markdowns.

Having the right inventory at the right time in the right quantities is more than just guesswork. $eason2Buy will help retailers set budgets based on actual revenue goals, attained margin goals, inventory-on-hand and actual purchases, so the business maintains healthy cash flow and profitability.

In case studies, retailers have reduced their inventory investment as much as 50 percent over a 2 1/2 year period. One retailer, Hoerr Nursery, reduced inventory by $415,285 (between 2009 and May 2012) and at the same time increased sales. In addition, its gross margin return on inventory investment (GMROII) has increased more than 60 percent.

$eason2Buy is an easy-to-use online system. It supports multiple buyers and/or locations and builds historical data over time. No direct integration is needed with point of sale systems.


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