Pottery Patch

Pottery Patch

Hot Off The Presses
Napa Home & Garden’s exciting new trademarked collection, Napa FireLites, debuted at the Independent Garden Center Show in Chicago to rave reviews. The huge assortment of glazed decorative ceramic containers are perfect for today’s outdoor living. Each comes with its own metal reservoir and uses Napa’s pourable gel. 

Flying High
The Smithsonian Flights of Fancy Urn from Campania international is a gracefully sculpted cast stone urn that showcases both floral and avian decorations on its surface. Part of Campania’s new Smithsonian Collection, it’s available in eight exclusive patinas and three acid stains in addition to natural cast stone. 

The Modern Eye
The Eye Planters from Crescent Garden bring light into play in a great modern wave design that was inspired by nature. Available in two shapes, Eye Am planters have an eye shape opening while the Eye Ain’t planters are square. Adding a focal point to any environment, indoors or outdoors, Eye Planters are available in metallic brights, traditional vintage copper or black, as well as an exclusive Alpine White that accentuates the clean lines of the planters. All are available for quick ship.

Antique Beauty
As if from a forgotten era, these beautiful pieces fromJackson Pottery feature an antique, Mediterranean look and are the latest trend. The Designer Glazed Collection is a high-fired, weather-proof and frost-resistant ceramic product, making it perfect for interior and exterior use

High Wire Act
Braun Horticulture’s 5 ½-inch English Pots from the Pottery Studio Collection come nested in either a double or single wire basket, making them the perfect gift for any reason. Pair it with a graceful orchid or plant it with some fringy herbs. These handcrafted, black clay English pots are infused with live moss that activates if set in a greenhouse environment for a bit. They are unique, fun and sure to be a hit at the garden center.

Atomic Energy
New for the 2010 Border Concepts Pottery Collections are the Atomic Glazes, which are available in four shapes and four colors: Atomic Red, Green, Orange and Yellow. These stunning, vibrant glazes will draw customers right to the pottery displays. 

Elegance Indoors
Part of Scheurich USA’s new foliage plant offerings, the Papyrus container captures the freedom of enjoying plants and expressive design. Suitable for every home, Papyrus will brighten-up any dark corner and can be a creative showcase for your plants. Combine this pot with Scheurich’s other green colors to create vibrant display opportunities for foliage plants. 

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