Products For 2010

Products For 2010

Recently we’ve hit several shows to find out what’s new and noteworthy. Here is just a sampling of the cool new products we’ve found:

Packing Pearls

Made of expanded polystyrene, this product is made for container gardens to allow excess water to drain and prevent mildew and rot. The starter kit of pearls also comes with a drain shield to keep the hole at the bottom of the container clear and a durable pot liner to keep soil in place. The pearls are available in several sizes.


The Thrive line of products from Alpha Bio Systems allows gardeners to apply all natural microbials to an established plant, not just before planting. The products can increase root density, increase the nutrient uptake for plants and help break down sludge and compost. It comes with two-year dating. Thrive is endorsed by the Dirt Doctor, Howard Garrett.

Fire Pots

Napa Home & Garden now has its own line of fire pots in multiple shapesand sizes for 2010. Also new are the fuels to burn in the pots, including indoor/outdoor fuel and citronella gel fuel.

Gardening Accessories

The Angela’s Garden line of clothes, tools and gardening accessories has a new “green garden” collection made of renewable hemp and organic cotton, as well as a kids gardening set that features a hat, gloves, apron, three tools and a bag. Other new additions to the line are a denim work apron and matching leather and denim gloves.

Vegetable & Herb Containers

Burley Clay Products has come out with three new large stoneware containers for herb and vegetable gardening. They are imprinted with “salad garden,” “bird and butterfly garden” and “herbs.”

Fresh Wave

Fresh Wave is a natural odor neutralizer that comes in multiple styles, including as continuous release gel crystals, sprays, pearls and candles. The company offers starter sets for retailers via end caps or a counter display.

DynaTrap Insect Eliminator

The DynaTrap DT1000 eliminates insects like mosquitoes, flies, moths, Asian beetles, wasps and yellow jackets without using propane. The trap instead uses two UV fluorescent bulbs to produce warm light that attracts insects. Then, a titanium dioxide exclusive coated funnel produces carbon dioxide that is irresistible to insects, luring them into a vacuum fan. Insects are collected and trapped into a retaining cage. 


Plumstone, the makers of SunSticks, has now introduced ShrubGuard, attractive non-woven fabric bags to put over shrubs to protect them from harsh winters. The ShrubGuard is breathable and porous, allowing oxygen and water to circulate. Available in small, medium and large with three fasteners.

Zinc Planters

Terrapin Trading Co. is offering contemporary zinc planters made of galvanized zinc with a removable rubber stopper for drainage. The planters come in multiple colors, sizes and shapes, including copper, titanium and red in squares, square tapered round tapered, among others.

Flirt Nandina

New in the Southern Living plant collection for 2010 is Flirt nandina, an improvement on Harbour Dwarf nandina. This one holds its red foliage through fall, winter and spring. In the summer, the red new growth is framed by rich green foliage. Will grow about 2 feet tall.

Gift Gardens

Green Arbor, a division of the Ferry-Morse Seed Co. is offering the Chef’s Favorites Herb Garden for the holiday season. It includes four wooden stakes, four Ferry-Morse seed packets, a galvanized basket planter, two biodegradable pots, two Jiffy Quick Soil Mix pellets and a gift tag with ribbon, along with growing instructions. It’s also offering a similar package for Arbor Blooms Floral Garden. 800-626-3392

Clip-On Ad Handles For Carts

The R.W. Rogers Co. has clip-on handles for garden center carts that can be used for any type of advertising and/or store maps. They can be customized to include whatever message and branding the garden center needs. 


Wildflower Farm has introduced Eco-Lawn, a blend of seven different fine fescue seeds to create a deep root system and slow-growing lawn that requires less mowing and no fertilizer. 

Moss Milkshake

Grow moss anywhere with a new product called Moss Milkshake, by Moss Acres. The dry mix is a blend of fragmented moss plants, powdered buttermilk, acidifying agents and a special water retention gel powder. By adding water to the mixture, gardeners and landscapers can create a gel-like slurry that is ideal for spreading over most any firm, bare surface. 

Plant Cart

Woodham Manufacturing, based in New Zealand with distribution in the U.S., has strong but lightweight carts designed to make plant handling easy for customers and staff. The carts feature large capacity trays, powder-coated galvanized steel tube frame and the ability to pull up the tray to push carts together for space efficiency. 

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