New Products

New Products

Easy Installation

In less than two hours, your customers can install a decorative water feature with Aquascape’s easy-to-install AquaBasin. The 75-gallon capacity AquaBasin measures 45 inches by 45 inches by 14 inches and holds approximately 2,000 pounds. Aquascape provides a range of hand-crafted decorative products to pair with the AquaBasin.
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Pumped Up

Little Giant:
Little Giant’s new line of water feature pumps is built to support even the most rigorous applications. The line includes five different pump sizes, as well as motors ranging from one-fifth to one horsepower. Other outstanding features of the new Little Giant Water Feature Pump Series include one-inch solids handling ability, discharge sizes ranging from 1 ¼ inches to 2 inches, rugged thermoplastic and cast iron construction, energy efficiency and more.
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Just Swimmingly

The SwimSkim floating skimmer is a perfect addition or retrofit to any pond. In addition to removing leaves and surface dust, the SwimSkim functions as a biological filter and air injector in one single device. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty and 4-color retail packaging.
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Convenient Packaging

TetraPond’s fish-pleasing fish food now comes in people-pleasing packaging. All of the fish food will now be available in new zipper-lock resealable bags for spring 2008. For valuable pond information and advice, TetraPond also has an award-winning Into the Pond e-newsletter.
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Read All About It

EasyPro Pond Products:
EasyPro released the second issue of its new magazine, Passion For Water, in September. The magazine provides practical advice to the consumer in an easy-to-understand format. EasyPro is underwriting a good share of the printing cost so the magazine can remain affordable and offers retailers unlimited copies for considerably less than the cover price.
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Clear As Day

Winston Company:
Winston Company has redesigned the CrystalClear treatment line to stand out among the same-old, same-olds. The new CrystalClear packaging features actual customers’ ponds, brilliant labeling and sleek black bottling that stand out in an ocean of white packaging at retail.
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A Smart Choice

Mars Fishcare:
The RENA SmartHeater fits intake tubes to all RENA SmartFilters and RENA Filstar xP filters, or by itself as a conventional heater. It uses a four-sided cartridge with Bio-Chem Zorb filtration media for crystal clear water. The SmartHeater has a super accurate set up temperature knob with a wide temperature range for very accurate temperature to imitate all types of aquarium environments.
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