Steal This Idea Gallery: Wilson’s Garden Center

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Steal This Idea Gallery: Wilson's Garden Center

Most retailers have to come up with merchandising ideas to fit their garden center space. The folks at Wilson’s Garden Center in Newark, Ohio, did it the other way around – they tore down their 30-year-old greenhouses and built a beautiful new garden center structure to make room for the ideas. Here are a few you can adapt to fit in your own retail operation.

Sell On Wheels
Wilson’s designed its new space with flexibility in mind. That means a wide-open floor plan, and even more importantly, everything – from the benches to the potting station to the cashier stands – is on wheels, making it easy to move anything where it needs to be at a moment’s notice.

Cover Up
An attractive covered walkway creates a weatherproof shopping experience in the nursery yard. The racetrack layout pulls customers all the way through the displays and back into the garden center.

Spell It Out
You don’t need a new structure to do signs well. Great, customer-friendly signage can help plants sell themselves.

Accessories To Sales
Little extras can help make the sale. These simple Mother’s Day picks in the potting station turn any container into the perfect holiday gift.

Richard Jones is the group editor for Greenhouse Grower and Today's Garden Center magazines.

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