A New Twist On Urban Gardening

A New Twist On Urban Gardening

Garden centers looking for new ways to promote urban gardening (or even just small space gardening) have a new option with the Skyscraper Garden trellis, which allows gardeners to grow climbing vegetables and flowering vines vertically. It only requires 4 feet of space to grow the same amount as 24 feet of space on the ground.

The Associated Press included details on the Skyscraper Garden in a recent story on living walls that some major media outlets, including ABC.com, picked up.

The Skyscraper Garden, created by Scott Carlson and Derek Fell, is a re-usable kit that includes cedar brackets, a sturdy metal cross bar, a 4 foot by 6 foot section of netting and ground anchors to hold the netting taut. Fell is a garden writer who tested the concept at his Cedaridge farm in Bucks County, Pa.

The kit can be installed along a home, shed, garage, deck or fence. It can also be free-standing between two posts or combined with box planters and installed on a patio, roof, deck or balcony.

The unit price is $14.95 and the suggested retail price is $29.99.

For more information, visit www.cedarstore.com.

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