Bucks Country Gardens

Bucks Country Gardens

City: Doylestown, Pa.

Owners: Thomas L. Hebel

Website: www.buckscountrygardens.com

Size: Retail – 7 acres, Landscape–3 acres

Years In Business: 17

Number Of Locations: 1

What changes have you made in the last 12 months to increase your garden center’s profitability? We are in the middle of an exciting new video training program. Phase 1 addressed our employee handbook and orientation. Phase 2 covers customer service. Additional phases will focus on safety & BCG approved processes. These programs are on DVD and can be presented individually or in small groups on any PC. we are working with a new company in creating personalized training products for the horticultural industry.

What industry training opportunities have your or your staff attended in the last 12 months? This summer for the first time, we conducted a day long tour of some landscape projects we have installed over the past few years. About 25 employees participated and 10 projects were visited. For many, This was the first time they have seen the work of our landscape division and we hope that a better understanding will lead to more direct sales support across the retail and landscape divisions.

What makes your garden center Revolutionary? I guess everything we do to keep getting better and grow our business makes us revolutionary. We have a passion for providing a better shopping experience for our customers, a better career opportunity and enjoyable working experience for our employees, a better business relationship and shared opportunities with our vendors and business associates, and helping our community become a better place to live for all of us and our neighbors.

We also have an understanding that survival and success in this industry involves the willingness to embrace change and the evolution that comes with it. We will not accept the same old thing and be stuck comparing ourselves to the past but rather look for new opportunities that may take us somewhere we would have never imagined going. It’s our attitude that makes us revolutionary.

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