Green View Companies

Green View Companies

City: Dunlap, IL


Size: 25 acres

Years In Business: 55

Number Of Locations: 5

In addition to your sales staff, how do you communicate with customers in your store? We have commercials and seminars running on televisions in the store. We also pass out to customers handouts on upcoming seminar and events, informational handouts, and we make informative/promotional announcements over the intercom system.

What are some key features on your website? We sell gift cards online, and we show employment information, company history, information on loyalty program, sales and promo information, press releases, product and services including landscaping design-build and maintenance.

Why is your garden center Revolutionary? Green View prides itself in providing an experience for every customer. It is important to fulfill the needs of beginners and professionals, which means individuals, wholesalers and landscapers. Part of providing the experience is offering quality product and Green View does just that with the Green View Grown brand. The GVG brand offers locally grown material and represents our commitment to creating exceptional and dependable products that help our customers be successful. Another part of the experience is having staff who is friendly, knowledgeable and experts in their field. Green View understands that customers needs change and tries to consistently fulfill their needs by offering the products they want (ex. rain barrels, biodegradable pots, etc.) and services that make the experience enjoyable and easy. Overall though, Green View believes that providing quality product, excellent customer service, honesty and hard work never gets old. 

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