How Are Revolutionary 100 Garden Centers Different?

How do Revolutionary 100 Garden Centers differ from other retailers? The Today’s Garden Center team wanted to know, and so compared the responses between the surveys of those who made the 2012 Revolutionary 100 list and those who did not.
The results were surprising. The two groups were similar in many basic ways. The average number of permanent employees? Both groups average 28. Seasonal numbers are not too different, either. Revolutionary 100 Garden Centers have 52 on average, compared to the 48 non Revolutionary 100 retailers hire each spring.

Even in sales, the numbers are remarkably similar. Revolutionary 100 Garden Centers skew a little higher in sales, but not significantly. For example, 19 percent of Revolutionary 100 Garden Centers fall in the $3 million to $5 million range, while 15.5 pcrcent of non Revolutionary 100 retailers do.

The two groups are also similar in how they divvy their COGS, wage and wage benefits and operating expenses, differing less than 1 percent in all categories.

These facts make the areas where the two groups diverge all the more interesting. What are they doing differently that makes such a difference in profit and innovation?

Willingness To Trust Non-family

When scoring the survey to select the Revolutionary 100 Garden Centers, the Today’s Garden Center team skipped
the question about who fills which position in the store – the owner, family members or non family. Our reasoning was, since small stores often have only two to four employees, counting the owners, during off months, giving the question weight would discriminate against them.

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