Longfellow’s Greenhouses

Longfellow's Greenhouses

City: Manchester, Maine

Owner: Scott Longfellow

Website: LongfellowsGreenhouses.com

Size: Retail – 1 acre, Growing–2 acres greenhouse, 2 acres of outdoor growing

Sales Range: $3 million–$4,999,999

Years In Business: 33

Number Of Locations: 1

What changes have you made in the last 12 months to increase your garden center’s profitability? Conservative buying, not much risky merchandise, “If we know we can sell it, buy it. If we’re not sure we can sell it, don’t buy it.” This resulted in fewer SKU’s and less shrink.

What makes your garden center Revolutionary? Efforts to become more sustainable: We have been a leader with integrated pest management; We’re doing more electronic and less paper marketing and growing in coco pots

We are the largest ornamental greenhouse in Maine, and feel our quality of crops are some of the best available. We’ve invested a great deal in our facility. Except perennials, trees, and shrubs, all our crops are sold under cover (great shopping in the rain).

We have a very dedicated and knowledgable staff who we are complimented on constantly. There’s very little turn over. Our staff are great at displays and merchandising product (a great shopping experience for our customers). Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. We guarantee heavily, and go beyond our customers expectations to hopefully make sure no one leaves disappointed with us or our product.

We are a very well-respected local business, partly due to our community involvement. We donate to and sponsor most all requests we have from schools and non-profits. Our goal is to give to the community as much as possible, and we feel the long-term benefits will be far greater than the costs associated with them.

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