Revolutionary 100 – Southeast Region

Southeast Region

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Southeast Regional Winner:
Flamingo Road Nursery
Davie, FL
1 5 13 Currently in the process of developing a café and an urban U-Pick operation for increased traffic, Flamingo Road Nursery uses its fresh produce market to successfully attract new customers who lack plant interest until they stop in for a tomato and leave with a plant.
Anderson’s Home & Garden Showplace
Newport News, VA
1 6 55 With a busy and profitable café, Anderson’s uses a vibrating paging system that allows patrons to shop while they wait for a table to open up.  New high-definition printer provides fresh and consistent in-house signage.
Apenberry’s Gardens
Orlando, FL
1 1.5 14 Currently in the process of merging two stores into one, this merge will give customers a well-rounded offering that places a premium on outdoor living retail. Apenberry’s has also hired the services of a professional garden center designer.
Boulevard Flower Gardens
Colonial Heights, VA
1 6 54 Works with Starbucks to promote recycling. Cross-trains sales staff in all departments to cut down on the need for seasonal help. Also has a newly-acquired wine license in the gift area, and features a new line of organic wines.
Countryside Gardens
Hampton, VA
1 1 7 September brings the “Hot Diggity Dog” tent sale. Free hot dogs and lemonade are given to shoppers and prices are cut drastically on merchandise. If it doesn’t go at 75 percent off, it goes to charity, which helps make room for Christmas and other additional new stock.
DeWayne’s Home & Garden Showplace
Selma, NC
1 8 18 A major asset to DeWayne’s is its ability to print custom-designed overhead signs promoting products in-house. Also, staff tracks customer spending through a point-of-sale system, which has “blossomed” into a successful preferred customer program.
Enchanted Forest Nursery & Stone
Chesapeake, VA
1 3.2 10 Identifies buying trends of top customers and then sends item-specific coupons to them via eMail. Understands its niche is natural stone, and caters to homeowners by not setting restrictions on stone orders.
The Good Earth Garden Center & Nurseries
Little Rock, AR
1 4 35 Showcases display gardens to show customers how plants would look in their home landscapes.Featured on local news site with a weekly how-to video show and an interactive question and answer feature.
Homewood Nursery & Garden Center
Raleigh, NC
1 8 42 In a down economy, Homewood has recognized an emerging trend and has chosen to aggressively position itself as the place to go for outdoor furniture and accessories in the local market. Also contribute articles regularly to the Home & Garden section of the local newspaper.
Johnson Nursery & Garden Center
Cookeville, TN
1 5 40 Advertises on three main highway billboards. Also, refocused a majority of its advertising to a retirement community 45 miles away, which has proven to be successful. Johnson’s also makes checking out easier with the use of a wireless point-of-sale system.
L.A. Reynolds Garden Showcase
Winston-Salem, NC
1 5 32 Department managers use POS system to generate reports on inventory management for better familiarity. L.A. Reynolds also implements professional profitivity employee training, along with matching employee uniforms and name tags made out of the store’s gift cards.
McDonald Garden Center
Virginia Beach, VA
3 3.5 28 At each location, visual merchandisers work closely with marketing, buyers and store managers to set the store’s tone for each season. McDonald’s has also worked on improving local landscape awareness with an exclusive, invitation-only rewards event called “Contain Your Enthusiasm.”
Nobles Greenhouse & Nursery
Live Oak, FL
1 2.7 33 Canceled billboard advertising and added more radio spots on the station that’s most popular with its clientele. Nobles also increased newspaper ads to run year round, which have noticeably decreased summer and winter slumps.
Out of Eden Garden Center
Maryville, TN
1 7 10 Appealing to the young gardeners, Out of Eden invites approximately 200 kindergarten and early elementary school students to the garden center for multiple tours and learning stations.
Springhouse Gardens
Nicholasville, KY
1 6.5 14 Water conservation is a main priority at Springhouse. Water management techniques, such as pervious paving blocks, a rain garden, rain chains and water barrels, show customers how to  incorporate these ideas into their daily lives.
Verdego, Inc.
Bunnell, FL
1 3 9 The design team uses the latest technology to offer clients CAD designs that allow them to better visualize the landscape possibilities. The “We Plan, You Plant” program gives do-it-yourselfers the chance to get involved with the guidance of Verdego’s design services.
Wallitsch Garden Center
Louisville, KY
1 2 63 By serving on the boards and committees of multiple trade and local horticulture organizations, the Wallitsches have been able to keep up with the latest retail innovations and trends.
White’s Old Mill Garden Center
Chesapeake, VA
1 1.2 24 Improved customer traffic and sales by implementing ideas generated from a focus group White’s held in the spring. This research has helped reorganize special events and improve customer-requested inventory.

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