The 2011 Revolutionary 100 National Winner Is…

The 2011 Revolutionary 100 National Winner Is…

Our 2011 Revolutionary 100 National Winner is Flamingo Road Nursery in Davie, Fla.

The retail business is a mere six years old this year, and yet owner Jim Dezell and his team have accomplished so much in that time. In the Fort Lauderdale area, he faces the challenge of intense big box store competition–many of which are selling annuals at 99 cents or less.

They met that challenge with ideas to create a place where people love to shop. Some of those ideas include a large and successful Farmers Market, a newly added deli and a café where customers sit and enjoy the deli food they just purchased.

The team has worked hard to reduce expenses without sacrificing customer service, and created even more opportunities for customer interaction by adding more events, more how-to seminars and even a demonstration kitchen for guest chefs that ties into the popularity of the Farmers Market.

Jim and his team have created a true experience for their customers, providing them the opportunity to enjoy shopping at the garden center, as well as the ability to create memories and traditions there.

Just one example of this is his Dog Days of Summer promotion and event, designed to combat slow traffic. They scatter 100 dog fun facts on signs throughout the nursery, and invite in guest dog trainers and groomers. They ran stupid dog trick contests and rewarded the top 3 winners with gift certificates. They also ran a sale and promotion for free product from the deli to cross-promote that new venture. That’s just a small sample of the creativity that defines this operation.

Congratulations to the entire team at Flamingo Road Nursery!

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