COL-MET On Improving Your Garden Center Signs

COL-MET On Improving Your Garden Center Signs

Collier Metal Specialties’ Kevin Jones recently spoke with Today’s Garden Center about trends in garden center signage, as well as his tips for improving your in-store signage program.

Q: What trends are you seeing in garden center signage this spring?

Jones: It’s been a good spring. Fortunately for us, we have seen more garden centers using our signs and have heard from a lot of new customers.

We have noticed a trend toward larger signs, such as 11 by 7 inches, with pictures and more information. Larger signs have space for better graphics and larger font size to make the sign attract attention and make it easier for the consumer to read.

A lot of garden centers are now printing their own signs as software and printers are becoming more affordable. This gives them the flexibility to change information quickly and more often as needed.

Q: You see a lot of signs out there. What is something you see regularly that garden retailers could do better with their signage?

Jones: I think it’s important that they have a plan with their signage – whether it be short term or long term – and stick with it. I think they should try to be more consistent with signs throughout the garden center, meaning they should sign all “like” areas the same.

Q: You promote strongly that COL-MET products are manufactured here in the U.S. What advantages does that offer to retailers?

Jones: Logistics is the biggest advantage. Most garden centers wait until spring to order signage. If they’re buying U.S.-made, it helps them get the product faster and more economically.

I think there’s also the peace of mind of knowing if there are any problems they can be solved quickly and efficiently.

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