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Idea Gallery–Altum's

Altum’s in Zionsville, Ind., is a full-service garden center that includes landscaping solutions, as well. They use the term horticultural center to better accent the offerings at the retail location, which features 20,000 square feet of undercover shopping. A visit in the fall of 2006 showed many great display and marketing ideas to bring customers back in for an often underutilized planting season. Instead of empty benches and boxes preparing for the upcoming winter holidays, customers could find signage and programs pertaining to the current season’s offerings. This included not only plant material, but fall-themed decorative items, such as wreaths, as well. The lesson here is don’t forget fall as you’re heading from summer into the holidays!

Magic Pots

Altum’s takes fall to a whole new level with its magical pot makeover promotion. Customers can easily change out their summer mixed containers with fresh fall material!

Setting A Good Example

Showing your customers how to use foliage and indoor plants is a great way to inspire them to buy. This display shows the foliage against the window backdrop, making it easy to imagine.

Let Them Choose

Some customers like to do it themselves, while others like to have the work done for them. Give them both options, like Altum’s does, by providing a place to plant up containers, or to pick them up already made.

Attention To Detail

Once again, don’t just assume your customers know you have gift cards and gift packages. Make sure they know via banners, signage and special displays, like this one. You could be missing out on great special occasion sales!

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