Idea Gallery: Donzell’s Flower & Garden Center

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Idea Gallery: Donzell's Flower & Garden Center

Donzell’s Flower & Garden Center in Akron, Ohio, is a beautiful, 13-acre retail operation with 35,000 square feet of building space and a huge parking lot (complete with cart corrals). Donzell’s has too many great ideas to fit them all here, so go to our website to find a slideshow of the nursery floor, greenhouses and diversified garden shop. The business is 56-years-old, and expanded to include a sister location on Cleveland’s west side: Gale’s Westlake Garden Center.

Easy Access

The greenhouses are merchandised well with high-quality benching and signage that takes advantage of all the space, as well as plenty of room for carts to get through easily.

Retail Up

There’s no reason gazing globes need to stay on the ground. Donzell’s does a nice job of merchandising these beauties up as a way to attract the customer toward the display.

Load It Up

Donzell’s has plenty of room and uses it wisely with this drive-thru pickup lane that’s clearly marked. Customers can easily access it from the parking lot to load up and go, and the fence can be locked at night to prevent theft.

Say It Loud

There’s no question which flowers are the Perennial Of The Week with this display. It’s located right in the middle of the outside sales floor, too, so customers have to walk by it to get to everything else.

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