Idea Gallery – Longfellow’s Greenhouses

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Idea Gallery–Longfellow's Greenhouses

In June the American Nursery & Landscape Association’s Retail Roadshow finished up its annual retail tour at Longfellow’s Greenhouses. And what a place to end it–this grower/retailer in Manchester, Maine, proved to be a show-stopper.

More than a third of this operation’s sales came out of annuals and vegetables, and the plant-material focus was evident from the get-go. Great signage pointed all levels of gardeners and decorators to what they needed–including signs like “drought tolerant,” “deer resistant” and “hummingbird lovers,” among others. It also featured great directional signage so that customers would never get lost in the expansive greenhouses that make up the retail portion of the business.

ID Made Easy

Longfellow’s simplified things for its customers by providing signs like this one to highlight easy-to-care-for plants. Taking the stress out of shopping helps to open up your customers’ wallets.

Show ‘Em What You’ve Got

Customers can’t sign up for a loyalty program if they don’t know about it. Longfellow’s took the guess work out of it by prominently displaying the loyalty program and its benefits on this snazzy sandwich board.

Give Them Room

Customers who don’t know each other don’t like to touch each other.
It’s pretty simple–so Longfellow’s gives them room to move through the main aisleways. Also, check out these end caps–they’re well stocked and enticing to shoppers.

Keep ‘Em Separated

The owners of Longfellow’s brought this idea over from across the pond. They use lattice to separate shrubs, allowing them to stand on their own and shine in the spotlight.

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