Garden Club Day Vs. The Super Bowl

Garden Club Day Vs. The Super Bowl

When it comes to real estate, the rule is location, location, location, but the mantra for events may be timing, timing, timing. Check out what  Al’s Garden Center put together this year for Super Bowl Sunday–counter programming–reaching out to the demographic that isn’t interested in the yearly sports bonanza.

Al’s held Garden Club Days events at its three locations the same day as the Super Bowl. The garden center partnered with 48 garden clubs and plant associations who used the event to share information about themselves, answer questions and gain new members.

Tables for the groups were placed in tie-in areas of the garden center (the Oregon Orchid Society near the orchid display, the Home Orchard Society near fruit trees).

Al’s collected several hundred entries for a gift card giveaway held during the event.

“Everyone seemed to have a great time,” says Al’s Patty Howe.

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