Go Late To Boost Mother’s Day Sales

Baker's acres arborOn the Friday night before Mother’s Day, Baker’s Acres in Alexandria, Ohio, holds it most profitable event of the year: The Not Quite All Night Extravaganza.

Challenge: Baker’s Acres wanted to find a way to get even more from the most profitable weekend of the year.

Solution: The store created a wildly popular after-hours, Friday night event that has generated tremendous sales numbers in a short period of time.

From 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., about a 1,000 customers come through the store and rack up enough sales in three hours to rival the next day’s sales. In fact, in some years, the event’s sales exceeded the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

To ensure the entire store is shopped, employees string lights throughout the outdoor nursery area and hand out flashlights to customers.

The store places only plants on sale. As owner Chris Baker says, “If it has chlorophyll, it’s 10 percent off.”

Baker says a lot of regular customers do not attend because it’s so crowded, but those customers will come in the next day.

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