Push Products At Every Event

Push Products At Every Event

Countryside Gardens in Hampton, Va., has a clever way to promote sales at every event it holds: It has a mini trunk show of its latest products.

“We do it as a part of most private events,” says owner Tish Llaneza, who mentions private classes, a Ladies Night Out and the store’s Spring Fling. “We have ladies groups coming in for cookie exchanges, garden clubs, civic and professional women’s clubs, the Retail Alliance, and so on.”

“We always do what they are asking for such as decorating for the holidays, container gardening, living wreath, etc. But we always add a ‘Show & Tell’ that shows off my latest unique finds from trade shows.” 

Llaneza says each person attending receives a Wish List pad and pencil.  “They can write down what they liked for a friend or themselves,” she says. Whatever is jotted down as something they would like for themselves goes onto Countryside’s gift registry, which can be accessed by any friend or family member shopping at the store at a later date.

“The number of products I show varies,” Llaneza says and adds that it usually adds up to 20 to 30 items. “I usually show off the newest products on the market, multi-purpose items and zip-code-right products.”

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