2012 Revolutionary 100 Garden Center: Bordine’s

Owners: Corey and Calvin Bordine

City/Town: Rochester Hills. Mich.

Company Website: Bordines.com

Size: Retail–20 acres at flagship store

Sales Range: $20 million–$29,999,999

Years In Business: 73

Number Of Locations: 5

Tell us how you use social media to better serve your customers.

Facebook is here to stay. We use it to connect with our customers and hopefully have some fun.

Tell us how you work with other local businesses on customer outreach.

We partner with other local businesses on charity events and other community activities.

Finally, and most importantly, what makes your garden center Revolutionary?

We are all about the Bordine Experience. We don’t sell plants, we sell BEAUTY and SUCCESS. The Bordine Experience is our way to make each and every visit by our customers a postive expereince. In 2011, we added using handwritten thank you cards to our best customers. If Nordstrom can do it, so can we. The personal side of the relationship, and it is a relationship with our customers, is even more important today than it has ever been. Handwritten cards are not revolutionary… taking the time to do them and making that connection is.

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