2012 Revolutionary 100 Garden Center: Mostardi Nursery

Owner: Steve Mostardi

City/Town: Newtown Square, Pa.

Company Website: Mostardi.com

Size: Retail–2.5 acres

Sales Range: $1 million–$2,999,999

Years In Business: 36

Number Of Permanent Locations: 1

Number Of Pop-up Locations: 0

Tell us how you use social media to better serve your customers.

We use Facebook to post info and pictures for our workshops.

Tell us how you work with other local businesses on customer outreach.

We grow the hanging baskets that beautify the community’s business district.

Finally, and most importantly, what makes your garden center Revolutionary?

We focus on positioning ourselves as a locally-owned nursery that serves the community by providing expertise and products for the gardening needs of our customers. We accomplish this due to our customers’ ongoing relationships with our staff. By effectively managing these relationships, we sustain a profitable business.

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