2012 Revolutionary 100 Garden Center: Portland Nursery

City: Portland, Ore.

Website: www.portlandnursery.com

Size: Retail–5 acres in each location

Sales Range: $5 million to $9,999,999

Years In Business: 104 as a nursery, 29 in retail

Number Of Permanent Locations: 2

Number of Pop-Up Locations: 0

What makes your garden center revolutionary? Our POS system enables our buyers to watch their turns carefully and react in fast order to inventory levels. This is the core of our ability to react to trends in sales and weather and make the most of situations like this past spring.

We regularly update our web site to keep it fresh and an interactive part of our newsletter and Facebook account. It also gives us a platform to promote awareness for the many community and non-profit groups we work with. In all, our community involvment has always been one of our core strengths along with our staff and their passion for this nursery.

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