2012 Revolutionary 100 Garden Center: Sawyer Home & Garden Center

City: Sawyer, Mich.

Website: sawyergardencenter.com

Size: Retail–17,000 square feet

Sales Range: $3 million to $4,999,999

Years In Business: 26

Number Of Permanent Locations: 1

Number of Pop-Up Locations: 0

Tell us how you use social media to better serve your customers. We currently utilize our facebook and twitter to connect with our customer base. We believe these are great cost efficent tools to keep our customers informed about our sales, events, & exciting products in our store.

What makes your garden center revolutionary? We realize we are not just a garden center. We are a home & garden center. We are a full service garden center, but we also have SO much more. Our customer base is primarily second home owners from Chicago. So, we try to utilize that and promote our store as more of a ‘destination’ garden center. One of our biggest hits is our locally grown produce. We try to do our very best at making sure our product is FRESH and attractively displayed. We also have a huge gourmet food department. A large wine and craft beer section. We even do wine tastings every Saturday!.

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