2012 Revolutionary 100 Garden Center: Wagner’s Garden Center

2012 Revolutionary 100 Garden Center: Wagner's Garden Center

City: Minneapolis, Minn.

Website: Wagners.biz

Size: Retail–30,000 sq.ft.
         Growing–10 acres
,000 sq.ft.

Sales Range: $3 million–$4,999,999

Years In Business: 111

Number Of Permanent Locations: 2

Number of Pop-Up Locations: 0

Tell us how you use social media to better serve your customers. Information on events and sales.

Tell us how you work with other local businesses on customer outreach. We give gift cards for their events. supplies to food shelves and make donations to charities, community orchestra and museums.

What makes your garden center revolutionary? We are revolutionary because of the personal customer service, technical support and superior quality product that is locally grown in our greenhouses.

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