5 Tips For A Better Pottery Department

1. Choose your source for pottery wisely. All pots are not made equal. Vietnamese pottery is fired longer and uses thicker clay for a sturdier product that holds up in colder climates. Chinese pottery is fired at the same temperature but for a shorter timespan, making it a little more susceptible to the elements but less expensive. Mexican pottery is more porous and breakable, but can be adorned with beautiful decoration for a specialized touch.

2. Pottery belongs in its own home in the garden center, but also where the plants are. Don’t be afraid to cross-merchandise with all types of live goods, especially indoor blooming, annuals and herbs.

3. Watch the color trends in your region. Customers “decorate” with pottery, so keep popular colors in mind when buying.

4. Always have the mainstays. Color trends change, but basics like terra cotta never go out of style.

5. Build a strong relationship with your vendor. Make sure they will stand behind their quality – too many broken pieces during shipment can sink what could have been a great display.


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