Expands To Add New Features

The John Henry Company has expanded its website with new features to help novice and experienced gardeners plan their purchases in advance and ensure plants thrive once they get home.

“Gardeners have questions about garden design both before they visit the garden center and after they come home with their plant purchases,” says Erin Willigan, vice president of marketing for BloomIQ. “The information on a plant tag provides all the essential planting and care information, but gardeners often need assistance with companion plants, garden design and troubleshooting.”

Responding to this need, now includes a comprehensive library of articles on popular indoor and outdoor plants. The articles expand on the website’s plant encyclopedia and garden collections to provide in-depth design ideas, care tips and troubleshooting advice for all gardening zones.

When linked to a plant tag, the article library provides the individualized support gardeners need. This connection enables growers and retailers to inspire, educate and assist customers, leading to a more successful gardening experience. Articles are authored jointly with breeders, growers and other leading experts to ensure accuracy and are added monthly to stay ahead of emerging trends. feature articles are also more accessible than ever through a new turnkey marketing program for breeders, growers, and retailers interested in promoting their plants to the gardening public. The marketing program provides graphic design and 2D-imprinted code-creation services for plant tags, URL management tools, website content and reporting metrics.

“Our 2D code marketing program and website allow growers and garden centers to dynamically engage retail consumers, creating the opportunity for both planned and impulse purchases,” says Kristi Huffman, vice president of John Henry Horticulture. “It’s taking the in-store selection process to a new level, benefiting the gardener, retailer and grower.”


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7 comments on “ Expands To Add New Features

  1. Joe

    I have some basil growing (odium basilicum ) it looks healthy but it is starting to flower little white flowers do that mean it ig going to seed an needs to be harvester end now. Thanks

  2. Robert Stevens

    I recently planted three Stonecrop Autumn Charm plants, two in the ground, one in a large container. Should these be cut back in the fall ? In the spring? and if so, how much, or should they not be cut back at all?

  3. Xiomara Perez

    Can you tell me how to grow Anthurium ( Scariet Knight). I have 1 plant in my living room in a nice base the leafs is getting green and brown. I like to know if is to much water o need more water. I hope the you can understand my question. I love the plant but a need to know more about this class of plant.This class of plant have flowers some time in its life? Please can you answer me my inglish is no to good. Thank You, Xiomara Perez