Steal This Idea: 4 Great Ways To Sell More Tools

 few weeks ago we listed a few important garden tools you should be carrying this spring. In the March issue of Today’s Garden Center, Ellen Wells talks with four Master Gardeners to gather some valuable tips for marketing those tools to your customers. Here’s a sneak peek:

Krissy Sagle, Fayetteville, Ga., says garden centers could help educate their customers by showing them what belongs in a basic garden tool set. “A lot of first-time homeowners don’t know what they want or will need.”

Connie Henne, North Branch, Mich., says displays that highlight comfort catch her eye when she’s shopping for tools. She looks for tools with long, preferably wooden, handles. She also has her eye on a long handled hand trowel with a foam grip she saw in her Master Gardener classes. “It looks like if you were planting it would be very comfortable. Sometimes your hands can get really tired.”

Margaret Swenson, Cheney, Wash., suggests using a mannequin to display garden clothing such as hats, gloves and boots, and also using photos of the tools in action.

Tony Bonanno, Topsfield, Mass., says independent garden centers have a big advantage over big box stores when it comes to selling garden tools because of customer service. “Garden centers have staffs who can provide guidance to gardeners,” he notes. He suggests offering workshops to show customers what they need and how to use it. “I am sure tool companies would be happy to send someone to do a demonstration,” he suggests. “Or Master Gardeners.”

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