Sun Parasol Mandevilla From Suntory Flowers

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Sun Parasol Mandevilla From Suntory Flowers

Haven’t gotten your hands on Sun Parasol mandevillas yet? Perhaps now’s the time to take a look at a brand providing breakthroughs in the plant.

Mandevillas, of course, are known for their climbing or trailing properties. One of Sun Parasol’s greatest achievements was the introduction of the first genuine red in Crimson. All Sun Parasol mandevillas, Crimson included, have glossy green foliage that improves the brand’s disease resistance. Sun Parasol also has an excellent branching habit and the ability to generate a continuous abundance of blooms.

“The plant caught my attention with the possibility to develop flowers that can evoke a tropical image for pot plants,” says Tomoya Misato, breeder of Sun Parasol. “We’ve created mandevillas with unprecedented vigor by cross breeding and produced a novelty plant that has never been in the marketplace before.”

Breaking Down Sun Parasol

Sun Parasol is available in three plant groups: Original, Giant and Pretty, with each group having different characteristics.

The Originals. This group has the most compact habit, glossy green foliage, medium-sized flowers, excellent branching and it’s suitable as a patio, climbing and bedding plant. The Originals have good cold tolerance but it’s wise to protect from frosts. They flower shortly after the Pretty Group and are available in eight colors. Of the three groups the Originals can be used most extensively. They’re suitable for patio pots, hanging baskets and even in the landscape.

The Giants. This is the most vigorous group, sporting extra-large blooms and four different colors. Foliage is green, glossy and larger than the Originals. The Giants are natural climbers, have the least cold tolerance of the three and they’re at least two weeks later to bloom after the winter period. They’re big heat lovers in summer.

The Pretties. The Pretty group features mandevillas with excellent branching habits, very glossy thin foliage and two colors in Crimson and Pink. The Pretties are natural climbers, as well, and they’re suitable to the patio and hanging basket market. They’re earliest to flower after the winter months.

Plant Support

Trellises make sense for these mandevillas. The Pretty and Giant types are the most vigorous climbers while the Originals are more compact.

If you’re growing Sun Parasol, water sparingly in winter to prevent root rot in the spring. Water sufficiently in the summer to encourage growth, but keep plants drier during the flowering period to prevent long shoots from developing. If the plant is too dry, it will drop its leaves; if it is too wet, root rot will occur, or growth will be too rapid.

Retailers should always keep their Sun Parasol in a lit position outside in part shade or full sun – not in a dark room with no natural light. It’s also recommended to water the pots lightly. For best display, show off Sun Parasol in all formats – on trellises, climbing up walls and in hanging baskets.

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  1. Delilah

    Hi Agnes. You will need to bring your Sun Parasol plant in for the winter, unless you live in Zone 9-10, like Miami. You will love them. :)

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  3. Bette Huttenlocker

    I live in Sun City, AZ where the temps in spring and summer are in the mid to high 100’s. Can they grow here. I have east to west exposure.