TOMATOMANIA’s second annual Tomato Derby identified this season’s quickest-producing, home-grown varieties. TOMATOMANIA is the world’s largest tomato seedling sale.

"If you love tomatoes, you want to know which ones are fast growing and great tasting, which is what the annual derby is all about," says TOMATOMANIA producer Scott Daigre.

The 2009 winner is ‘Stupice.’ This is a Czech variety that is an heirloom favorite because it’s reliable in the high heat. ‘Stupice’ bears its fruit in clusters, showing round red tomatoes that produce throughout the season on sturdy potato-leafed plants. Rounding out the top three was a new hybrid orange cherry called ‘Jenny.’ Jenny was the most prolific  of this year’s top finishers. In third place came a large red cherry called ‘Gardener’s Delight.’

All tomato varieties were planted in 18-gallon pulp pots in a blend of planting mix and potting soil. Watering, feedings and care were provided consistently across the board.

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