Trendspotting: Holiday 2013

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These ornaments from Kurt Adler prove sparkling accents are trendy for 2013.

When it comes to spotting the next big thing, the industry’s gift companies have insider knowledge of what consumers want a year in advance. While retailers are busy turning their shops into winter wonderlands, these companies are working on holiday trends and must-have items. Here’s what to expect in 2013.

Glitter Is In

In the upcoming holiday season, prepare for an abundance of sparkle. From glitter to sequins, new product lines will feature some sort of eye-catching shine.

High-Class Shine
At Midwest-CBK, the 2013 Christmas launch will focus on a trend the company calls “Elegance and Subtle Luxury.” Vice President of Product Development Elizabeth Lorentz explains this trend focuses on spoiling the consumer.

“It’s okay to enjoy high style, rich details, luxurious finishes and sparkle,” she says. “Inspirations for this trend are luxury brands, fashion and hotels, along with pampering ourselves and feeling special.”

Some accompanying colors include metallic silver, gold, charcoal and chocolate. Pink and green pastels shine with sparkly cream and silver finishes.

Romantic Shimmer
Aside from the traditional reds and greens, bright silvers and golds usually dominate the holiday color scheme. In 2013, Kurt Adler plans to unveil a new collection of ornaments using a plum palette and glistening accents.

“It will feature fairies, butterflies, flowers and the like,” says Marketing Coordinator Melanie Velez. “All will have soft, romantic flairs and pops of glitter, beads and sequins.”

Bring The Outdoors In

Au naturel decor, popular in 2012, will continue to dominate the 2013 season. Birds and deer, as well as branches, leaves and natural materials are all a part of this trend.

Nature Goes Organic
Two of Midwest-CBK’s 2013 holiday collections, Juniper and Winter Lodge, use organic materials to showcase the allure of the great outdoors.

“Fresh from the forest, Juniper evokes the beauty of nature with organic elements and elegant style,” Lorentz says. “We have used more natural materials including glass, fibers, ceramics and wool.”

The Juniper collection color scheme includes silvers, sparkly finishes and understated green tones.

“Winter Lodge includes rustic snowmen and nature-inspired motifs,” Lorentz says. “Animals and natural elements are paired with organic materials to evoke memories from the outdoors.”

Holiday Vintage
Branches, berries and pine are a big part of the natural theme that Regency International has tapped into for 2013. Antique platinum accents help give the products a vintage twist.

“There is a trend toward the burlap and vintage natural looks,” says Vice President Danny McDonald. “Wintergreen, mocha and aqua are a popular trend color palette.”

Natural frost gets an elegant upgrade, and products include frosted red glass, beaded red birds and ornaments.

Midwest-CBK’s Lorentz also recognizes the rustic theme, saying, “Vintage design and inspiration remains strong. There will be a rebirth of shabby chic without the overworked floral patterns.”

Holiday Predictions From The Pros

The professionals at Midwest-CBK, Kurt Adler and Regency International weigh in on the state of the gift market and holiday spending for 2012.

“Reports show that consumers are becoming more positive. I think the consumer mood is cautiously optimistic. Because consumers are becoming more optimistic about an improving economy, this could benefit the holiday retail season.”
- Midwest-CBK’s Elizabeth Lorentz

“We are seeing that people are recovering from the economy and slowly getting back into the holiday shopping spirit.”
- Kurt Adler’s Melanie Velez

“All the customers I have talked to are having good years. People are much more positive about the economy and the future. I have seen a 4 to 5 percent increase over last year as a projection for all retail for the Christmas season. I think decorative will be higher.”
- Regency International’s Danny McDonald

Seasonal Simplicity

Santa, sleighs and snowmen are not going away any time soon; however, gift companies plan to give these holiday favorites a simple, whimsical makeover. While these traditional motifs can take on an artsy look, in 2013 the trend will go modest.

“We think Christmas 2013 will be back to basics and into the home,” says Kurt Adler’s Velez. “Consumers will want the traditions they grew up with, and we are creating this in our own line.”

Bright Color Schemes
While traditional muted reds, whites and greens usually dominate the seasonal market, many companies are intensifying their color pallettes.

“We are now introducing bright, fun primary color schemes that are weighted toward red,” Velez says. “Our Holly Jolly Christmas theme is very traditional, and it incorporates bright red, green, white and now yellow, which is very different for us.”

At Regency International, instead of red, green and white dominating the Whimsical tree collection, this line is composed of blues, pinks, fushias and orange.

Fresh, Clean Designs
One of the trends that Midwest-CBK identified for 2013 marries Danish and Scandinavian designs with an “American traditional, cottage-style approach.” These fresh, clean designs can be seen in the company’s Kringle’s Cottage and Baby It’s Cold Outside collections.

According to Lorentz, the cozy Kringle’s Cottage line emphasizes “crisp reds and whites, which adorn modern folkloric characters for a classic holiday style steeped in tradition.”

The Baby It’s Cold Outside collection is defined by a similar “cheerful charm” with hallmark motifs, such as snowmen, deer, snowflakes, stars and hearts.