Refreshing The Bulb Market With Dig. Drop. Done.

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Refreshing The Bulb Market With Dig. Drop. Done.

The Dig. Drop. Done. campaign’s Marcy.

Marcy represents the harried mother with lots of responsibilities and little time. Juliana is a young, urban fashionista without a yard and Evelyn is an empty nester with plenty of gardening experience.

Are you a Marcy, a Juliana or an Evelyn? The Dig. Drop. Done. marketing campaign hopes that consumers will relate to these three personalities, which have been created as part of the campaign to promote the North American flowering bulb market. The Dig.Drop.Done. marketing campaign will hit consumers this summer.

“Dig.Drop.Done signifies the need for simplicity in consumers’ lives,” says Henk Westerhof, chairman of Anthos, the Royal Trade Association for Nursery Stock and Flower Bulbs, headquartered in Hillegom, the Netherlands. “Expanding this market will require that we fit into their busy lives as they currently exist, not as we want them to be.”

The campaign is sponsored by the Dig.Drop.Done Foundation (affiliates of Anthos), the International Flower Bulb Centre (promotional organization for Dutch flower bulb growers and traders), and Scheepvaart Commissie (Dutch export reserve fund).

The campaign also highlights how easy it is to garden with bulbs. “The misperception is that bulbs are difficult and time consuming, and that needs to be remedied,” says Peter Mitchell, president and CEO of Woodbine, the Winston-Salem, N.C., brand revitalization agency that created the campaign.

For more details on the campaign and Marcy, Juliana and Evelyn, visit their YouTube channel or visit

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