New Grafted Tomato

New Grafted Tomato

SuperNaturals has introduced its new line of Mighty Mato grafted tomatoes, which are the first in a new line of single and double-grafted vegetable plants. These are designed to create more yield with bigger, more disease-free vegetables.

After years of research and trials the new SuperNaturals boasts a key to vegetable gardening success: fusing a desired variety onto exceptionally hearty rootstock.

Available now are dozens of grafted tomato varieties, from single graft ‘Big Beef’ to double graft ‘Chocolate Stripes and Paul Robeson’, with cucumbers, melons, and peppers just on the horizon.

“Growing tried and true tomatoes on wild tomato stock has created a super-natural tomato plant that produces huge harvests of healthier, heartier tomatoes, whether hybrid or heirloom,” says horticulturalist John Bagnasco. “And they’re easy to grow, and require fewer pesticides. Our SuperNaturals grafted vegetables are resistant to soil-borne pathogens and pests and have increased disease resistance including resistance to early and late blight and blossom end rot. Plus they have greater tolerance to environmental stresses such as poor soils and extreme temperatures.”

Co-developed by Bagnasco and Alice Doyle of Log House Plants, the new brand assures more abundant harvest for gardeners over a longer period of time.

Retailers interested in buying the plants wholesale can contact Doyle at

Plants are sold in 4” size pots and available online at

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