Fabulous Foliage

Fabulous Foliage

Florica Farms

Dracaena ‘Art’ is an exciting new indoor plant most similar to Dracaena ‘Janet Craig.’ ‘Art’ has a 1-cm gold stripe running along the leaf margins. The leaves are glossier, thicker, more ribbed and at tighter internodes than ‘Janet Craig.’ ‘Art’ maintains it’s variegation in low footcandle environments indoors.

Dracaena ‘Ulises’ is a new indoor plant most similar to Dracaena ‘Warneckii.’ ‘Ulises’ has thicker, stronger leaves that are streaked with dark-green, silver and light-green foliage. It also maintains its variegation in low footcandle environments indoors.

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Begonia bipinnatifida has dark-green leaves with a black underside that resembles a fern frond, and occasional small pink flowers hover above. Hardy in Zone 10, it works best in a well-draining soil and grows best in partial to full shade.

Pelargonium citrosum scented geranium ‘Frosted’ is bright green with a variegated, frosted pattern on the tips of the leaf and a pink coloration on new growth. It hosts tiny, pink flowers that sit above the foliage. This citronella-scented plant can tolerate summer heat up to 95 degrees without leaf burn.


Pseuderanthemum is a member of the acanthaceae family. Pseuderanthemum ‘Tri-Color’ does best when grown in a gallon pot for the summer landscape or in combination planters. It has very glossy foliage and looks almost artificial. It is hardy in Zones 10-11 but will make a wonderful accent annual during the summer in the northern climates.

Native to South and Central America, Duranta ‘Lemon Drop’ makes a wonderful landscape or accent plant. Hardy in Zones 9-11, it requires full to partial sun. It grows 12 to 16 inches in a single season and larger in its hardiness zone over time. It is a great plant for combo pots or as a border in the landscape.

Also known as the “devil’s backbone,” Pedilanthus variegatus is a green and white variegated foliage plant that grows well in the landscape or as an interior plant. Hardy in Zones 9-11, it grows best in part sun or shade and will perform in a reduced watering regime. Pedilanthus is one of GroLink’s Landscape Elite items.


The Spathoglottis Sorbet series offers year-round color in landscape ground beds in warm climates, specifically USDA Zones 9 and 10. They can also be grown as patio plants in colder regions during the summer months.

Oglesby Plants

Adenium ‘Hot Pink’ is a special hybrid built for beauty and speed. The fast-growing plant is free branching and from a liner, produces a flowering 6-inch plant in as little as 16 weeks. ‘Hot Pink’ is produced from virus-tested stock so crop consistency and disease resistance are added bonuses. ‘Hot Pink’ blooms are almost red.

Phlebodium aureum ‘Blue Star’ features long, heavily-lobed, blue-green fronds, which lend themselves to eye-catching presentations in 6- to 12-inch baskets. This plant can tolerate adverse conditions and grow hardy in subtropical landscapes. It is a close relative to and was originally classified in the genus Polypodium.

Mandevilla ‘Bride’s Cascade’ comprises broad, deep-green and glossy leaves accented with clear-white flowers with bright-yellow throats. The plant has an elevated disease resistance and natural branching. The fast-growing tropical vine can be grown in 6-, 8- and 10-inch containers.

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