Green Leaf Plants’ Hypearls Hypericum Series

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Green Leaf Plants' Hypearls Hypericum Series

It’s not always easy to find something different to catch the eye of consumers in late summer and early fall. Green Leaf Plants has a series of four hypericum varieties that really fit the bill. The varieties offer great foliage in spring, flowers in mid-summer, colorful berries into fall and versatile options for both landscape and container use.

The Hypearls hypericum varieties are unique perennial shrubs with well-branched habits and robust foliage. They’re heat lovers with bright 1-inch, yellow-gold flowers in July that give way to showy cream, red, salmon or pink berries in August. Hypearls can boost late-season sales and give more traditional, lower-margin fall bloomers a run for their money.

‘Hypearls Jacqueline’s’ pointed berries start out as yellow-orange and mature to deep red. It will grow to 28 inches tall in the garden. Jessica comes in at 25 inches and displays round, soft, cream-colored berries. At 36 inches, Olivia begins with yellow berries that change to a striking salmon color over time. Renu will reach 30 inches tall, and its round berries are bright pink. All four plants remain more compact in containers with heights ranging from 14 to 18 inches.

Hardy to USDA Zone 6, the flowers and berries on this outstanding series of perennial shrubs appear on new wood. Gardeners simply remove the old wood in spring to allow new growth to push through. Best of all, their flowers and berries welcome birds and bees to the garden.

Creating Multi-Season Sales

Hypearls hypericum have a very long selling season – June through September – with something to offer consumers in spring, summer and fall. In the garden or in containers, Hypearls offers vigorous green foliage starting in late spring. Renu’s foliage also has a red tint to new growth. As it matures into a woody shrub, its bright yellow flowers appear in July and berries set soon afterward. This colorful display continues into the fall, making Hypearls a great addition to the autumn decorating palette.

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Nancy Parr is the perennial product manager for Green Leaf Plants in Lancaster, PA, overseeing management of the company’s 1.5-acre trial garden. She can be reached at

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