Monrovia Introduces Itoh Peonies

Monrovia Introduces Itoh Peonies

Monrovia is introducing two Itoh peonies, which it will make available to independents prior to Mother’s Day. Itoh peonies date to 1948, when Japanese breeder Toichi Itoh cross bred tree peonies with herbaceous peonies.

Takara has multi-hued, large flowers up to 6-inches wide. In early stages, the flower is light yellow with a deep pink flush, then matures to white with a faint pink wash and burgundy center. It blooms throughout May and June and is 3-feet tall and wide.


Misaka has large orange flowers that fade to a peachy-yellow in full sun and as a dark-red center. It flowers more heavily than usual due to a high number of secondary buds.


Takara and Misaka join last year’s Keiko and Yumi, which were introduced ‘Pink Double Dandy’ and ‘Yellow Doodle Dandy’ respectively.

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